Board rules

These rules are here to ensure everyone has a fun, useful experience in this community. Above all, use your head.

  1. Age Requirement

    1. This is an adults-only website. Usage of this website by anyone who is under 18 years of age, is prohibited. Any user who is found to be under the age of 18 will be banned. #
  2. Please do:

    1. Remember the human on the other side of the screen. Be reasonable, use your brain. Conflicts of opinion happen, but be civil about it. Do not harass or bully anyone for any reason. #
    2. Mark your spoilers: You're more than welcome to discuss game spoilers, but please be mindful of others who may not have seen everything yet. #
  3. Please don't:

    1. Post spam: Do not post nonsensical content that has no substance. This includes repeatedly posting the same topic, or content that is merely intended to annoy other users, or content that puts unreasonable strain on the server. #
    2. Post illegal content: Content that is illegal, or sexually obscene outside the site's scope, or links that lead to such content, is forbidden. Examples include copyright/trademark infringement, real-world drug use, underage characters (fictional or otherwise), any form of real-life pornography or real-life sexual imagery. #
    3. Post unrelated furry or NSFW art: This site is not an art gallery or an image sharing platform. #
    4. Post off-topic content: Do not post content that is entirely unrelated to this website's purpose or its community. Discussing other vore content or games is absolutely fine! #
    5. Engage in doxxing: Do not post personally identifiable information of anyone else, if that information is not already publicly available. This includes email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, names, photos, social media handles, etc. #