Commission: Arlo the Zorgoia

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Commission: Arlo the Zorgoia

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This was a writing commission for Arlo.

A zorgoia has claimed the woods as its hunting grounds! Running off after it to try and catch a glimpse sounds like a recipe for disaster, but who knows what could happen...? What are the chances it can actually swallow someone whole in one gulp, anyway?

How to install: Download the attached .furball file, drop it in the Modules folder of your Finmer installation, and restart the game (if it was open). Attention: This module requires Finmer version 1.0.1. Make sure to download the latest version before playing.

How to play: This encounter becomes available after completing the main story (e.g. the main quest Love Like Fire). Innkeeps and merchants around the world can share a rumor about the beast: head to the forest east of North Finmer, and explore until you encounter the zorgoia.

Content notes: quadruped zorgoia pred, oral vore, digestion, very cruel pred.

Edit: I am now open for more commissions like this. Take a look here for more info, if you're interested!

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