Questions about game editor and ending(s)

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Questions about game editor and ending(s)

Post by fenrisnox »

After reading some things in the threads, I started to wonder about some things. Specifically, I'm Wondering:
Can the game editor be used to make alternate stories and/or endings. (probably answered in the docs for the editor, but thought I'd ask just in case.)
Is it possible to reimplement the scrapped ending mentioned in another post. (maybe as an addon, I'm curious to see it reimagined.)

If both are indeed possible, I'm curious to see what could be made with the engine, and maybe even try to make things myself

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Re: Questions about game editor and ending(s)

Post by Nuntis »

Absolutely. You can use 'scene patches' to add extra content on top of the main game (or any other mod). The easiest method is to add new buttons that the player can click, leading to new scenes or dialogue trees, but you can also 'take over' and replace chunks of the main game if you want to change how they work - for instance, a common one I've heard is adding endo outcomes to a vore scene (which is a bit more involved, but possible).

The 'Your First Quest' tutorial shows you how to do this, by walking you through creating a new side quest on top of the main game, step by step. Once you have an idea of how the editor works, it should then be easy to extend those basic techniques to add whatever content you want.

Good luck, and let me know if you get stuck!