How to: Install & play custom modules

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How to: Install & play custom modules

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Did you know that Finmer has plug-and-play mod support?

How do I play someone's custom stuff?

Found a mod you would like to try? You will need to place the module in the right location, so Finmer can find it. The process is quite simple:

  1. Download the .furball file provided by the author. This is likely a forum attachment or a download link.

  2. Open the folder where you installed Finmer: e.g. the folder where you extracted the game files.

  3. Open the 'Modules' folder.

  4. Paste your downloaded furball file here, so that it is right next to any other furball files in that folder.

  5. Simply restart the game, and it will load the new content!

I get an error when the game starts, halp?!

Please contact the module author for help - since custom content is, well, custom, the best person to help you is the person who made it.

How do I make my own custom content?

Load up the Editor, and check out the extensive documentation, or jump right into making your first quest.

As a module author, how do I publish my work?

Here's the short version:

  1. In the Finmer Editor, open your project if you haven't already.

  2. On the toolbar, click the 'Publish Furball' button. Save the .furball file somewhere. This file contains your entire project, neatly packed together, ready for the game.

  3. Send the furball file out into the world! You could post it on the forum here, or send it to a friend; all up to you.

More info? Check the Editor docs on packaging modules.