Patch 1.0.1

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Patch 1.0.1

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A minor patch for Finmer has been released.

This release fixes bugs and improves the editor experience. There is no new game content for now. To install the patch, simply download the latest version, and extract it on your computer. You can overwrite a previous version; all your save files will still work.

As always, download the latest version here:

What's new

  • Mods can now define 'game start locations'. This is useful for total conversion mods that wish to bypass the main story entirely. If you have multiple game start locations loaded, you can choose which one you wish to play.
  • Added an encounter system, enabling modders to add custom random events to main game locations. Currently, this allows adding encounters to the forest east of North Finmer, though it is easily extended to other (custom) locations if desired.
  • Tweaked the in-game clock display.

Editor improvements

Check out the latest editor docs at .

  • Added support to visual scripts for using the OnRoundStart combat callback.
  • Added visual script commands and conditions relating to time and the in-game clock.
  • Added visual script features for rolling random numbers.
  • Improved editor UI for visual script commands and conditions that deal with combat participants.
  • Improved naming convention for visual script commands, so they better match with the names on the palette, for clarity.

Bug fixes

  • Added several missing functions and sections to the editor documentation.
  • Improved error messages when the Lua engine load fails.
  • Fixed editor issue that could cause data loss when closing a scene asset tab.
  • Fixed and clarified various things in the editor documentation and 'getting started' tutorial.