Need help with stat re-assignment!

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Need help with stat re-assignment!


Hi! I'd like to preface by saying I've really enjoyed what I played of the game, so much to the point I did literally everything I could! ...Except for one thing. I have yet to complete the final match in the club, and since I disliked my build, I decided to get the mindblank potion from the alchemist. However, when reassigning my stats, I misremembered which stat the Grapple dice were tied to, and since I have barely any, I'm functionally locked out of doing it on this save file. I was desperate enough to try to look through the save files, and now, I am desperate enough to look on threads for help. (if only because I don't feel like replaying the entire game- which is, in all fairness, probably just a me problem.) I'd really appreciate any and all assistance with this!

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Re: Need help with stat re-assignment!

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Hey there! So if I'm understanding correctly, you'd like a recap of the stats, right?

  • Strength gives Attack and Grapple Dice
  • Agility gives Defense and Struggle Dice
  • Body gives Swallow Dice and HP
  • Wits determines turn order

There should also be a little help button on the character sheet, by four stats, the "(?)" button. If you click that, it'll show a little popup that should show the same information as above.

If you can't reload an earlier save file, then Jar'la should restock the potion when some in-game time passes, so you can try again; try skipping a day or so in the inn.

Hope that helps!